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Helping Your Child Become a Little Reader (English)

by Lisa TS on May 12, 2020

Two children as siblings have quite the opposite likings and characters. I myselft have two, a daughter and a son, with approximately two years age gap. I found that my daughter does not enjoy reading as much as my son, although we introduced books since they were both babies. You know, as a parent you will try to treat your children the same, so I consider I did. 

So, I try to analyze why he enjoys reading more than her. Back when they were in kindergarten, my firstborn, my daughter was not having any issue in the class, she followed the learning lesson very well, she was a fast learner and quite active too. I asked her K1 teacher whether she needs extra phoenics class or some sort and she told me that my girl was okay; so I was on ease.
However, when she was in K2 everytime she read books at home, other than her school books, she could not read many of the basic words. This got me frustrated because I expected she could do better, I started to show my frustration to her as well. This was one mistake I did and it contributed to her not enjoying reading, I think.

Compared to my second-born, my son, he was a shy kid, he was not as sharp as his sister and so when I asked her K1 teacher whether he needs extra phoenics class, she immediately agreed to it. He then started semi-private phoenics class with his superb K1 teacher. Thus, my son has a very good basics of phoenics both in speaking and listening. When he got into K2 and started to read on his own, he had no problem reading basic words and he could even try to read challenging words on his own.
I think this is when he start to enjoy reading books. It is because he could do it on his own and he gets to understand the story til the end.

If I could turn back time, I will definitely read more books with her during the day and read her bedtime stories every night; to make reading a daily routine. Secondly, I will help her in reading words she could not read; instead of being upset that she could not read it properly.  
Now that she is already in Primary 2, she can read independently and she has less problem in reading.  But, the joy of reading is not in her as much as in her brother.

The key is that when the child is able to read on their own, they will have more interest in reading that book, because they understand the story. Then, they will want to read more of other books. Quite the same as us adults actually, when we are good in certain things, we will want to do more of that things, isn't it ?
I hope my past experience could be an insight for you in order to help your child becoming a little reader.

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