About Us

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Read Generations
is founded by a pair of parents with two children in 2020.

As many parents do, we want the best for our children and to enjoy reading books is one of them.
Through reading we believe that children will learn and gain knowledge, be curious and eager to explore new things, discover and more.

At the moment, Read Generations introducing children science collectible books called "SCIENCE ADVENTURES" which are suitable from kindergarten to upper primary students. 
Focuses at Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in easy-to-read stories and activities, this book will be one of your children's favourites. 

SCIENCE ADVENTURES are divided into 3 collections based on age and/or education level :
- Starter : for 5-6 years old (Kindergarten)
- Connect : for 6-8 years old (Primary 1 to Primary 3)
- Digest : for 8-12 years old (Primary 4 to Primary 6)

We hope in this fast-paced world, our children could still enjoy reading printed books wherever they go.

Vision : To foster reading routine to all children and many generations in Indonesia

Mission : Introducing children-friendly reading materials to build reading habit within family